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MY TURN: School dress codes

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(WMC-TV) - Let's congratulate the Shelby County unified school board on moving in the right direction on one key issue – school uniforms.

Public school dress codes are always a hot topic.

Some parents favor school uniforms as a way to curb bullying. Others think that requiring students to wear uniforms infringes on their right of free expression. And just as reasonable people might disagree on this issue, so did the two systems that make up the new unified system.

Most Shelby County schools did not require uniforms and Memphis City Schools did.

The new unified board is on a path that would defer a decision on this issue for at least a year. That's a good call. Many people expect suburban communities to secede from Shelby County schools a year from now. Adopting a policy that mandates a big change either way for the upcoming school year does not make sense right now. Let's hope that the school board sticks to this plan when its members make their final decision on the issue.

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