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Police shootout erupts at apartment complex

(WMC-TV) - Gun shots erupted from the Raintree Apartment complex off East Raines Road early Friday morning.

"Basically when I had woke up, and there was a number of different cops and stuff all over the apartments," said resident Kenny Lee. "There was a guy kind of running in-between the apartments and so, I kind of went on back into the house."

The shooting suspect was wearing camouflage and carrying a rifle. A gun that he apparently used earlier and then again, when Memphis police officers arrived on the scene.

"He did shoot at two people, and also the police, and traffic, as well," said Lee.

Memphis police returned fire, but said officers' bullets did not hit the man.

"Next thing, I know there's helicopters flying everywhere," said Lee.

Police moved into the complex searching for the gunman after his location was pinpointed from the air.

"I was in my room and I hear one shot," said Lee. "They later found his body on the side of the garbage can over in our apartments."

Police said the man apparently committed suicide leaving residents to wonder who and why did he go on a rampage.

"I mean I guess this guy just was crazy. I guess he must of lost his mind. And I think it's absolutely ridiculous that people just think they can just go around start shooting people and killing folk. Memphis need to wake up. It is absolutely ridiculous," said Lee.

No other injuries were reported.

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