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Man charged with manslaughter in wife's death

(WMC-TV) - Investigators charged 43-year-old William Langston with voluntary manslaughter in connection to his wife's death.

Police opened a domestic violence case after finding 35-year-old Kimberly Langston dead in Orange Mound Friday. Investigators questioned her husband about the reported deadly shooting that followed a domestic altercation. 

Hamilton Street residents in Orange Mound shared their sadness about the death of a mother and woman who ran the daycare on their street. 

"It's hard. I'm not gonna tell nobody that it's not," said friend Janice Thompson. 

Shots erupted inside the couple's house on Hamilton shortly before 8 a.m. Friday, according to Police. They call it a domestic disturbance. 

Thomas was reportedly shot to death inside.

"Yes, I'm surprised, very surprised. I was crying, because it made me so sad," said resident Ebony Proctor. 

Memphis police said an infant and a small girl were inside the house when the shooting happened.

Neighbors said Kim Langston ran a daycare out of her house called "Angels of Tomorrow".

Police said she kept kids for her neighbors and other family members, but it was not a licensed daycare. 

The children loved her. It was Ms. Kim, Ms. Kim ... My teacher," said Thoin mpson. 

Memphis police took Langston's husband into custody after the shooting.

"I never detected any problem. He would be in the kitchen when I got there. I never heard an argument from them," said Thompson. 

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