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Timeline of twisters released, EF-ratings assigned

This photo was taken by Dianna Dell Stroud's brother near Grand Blanc and Sheridan roads Tuesday night. This photo was taken by Dianna Dell Stroud's brother near Grand Blanc and Sheridan roads Tuesday night.

After severe thunderstorms moved through Mid-Michigan Tuesday night, the National Weather Service surveyed and confirmed six tornadoes in Shiawassee and Genesee counties.

At 8:47 p.m., a tornado started at Lansing and Warner roads near Perry, Mich.. The path width was 50 yards with a length of three-quarters of a mile. It traveled east, following Lansing Rd, then crossed I-69 and ended a rest area. This was rated EF0 with maximum winds of 75 mph. Damage includes uprooted trees and shingles torn off of a roof.

Shortly after at 8:52 p.m., a tornado hit Bethemy Cemetery in Morrice, Mich., and moved northeast before ending at W. Britton and Hidden Ridge Rd. This tornado had a path width of 50 yards, and a length of a half mile. It was rated EF0 with maximum winds of 75 mph, and also uprooted trees.

At 9:01 p.m., a tornado started north of Flint in Hasselbring Park, and traveled to the northeast to Harry St. and Humphrey Ave. near Beecher. The path was 300 yards wide and 2.3 miles long, with maximum winds of 105 mph. This EF1 tornado left trees and commercial buildings damaged.

The next tornado occurred at 9:09 p.m., starting near Britton and Grand River Rd near Byron in Shiawassee County. It moved northeast through Byron and Gaines, and ended at Baldwin and Seymour roads. The 10 mile path length was 400 yards wide, and rated an EF1 with maximum winds of 100 mph. A roof was torn off and a barn was destroyed.

The 5th tornado was at 9:30 p.m. and started northwest of Fenton in Genesee County, along Odell Rd and south of Linden Rd. The maximum tornado path was 500 yards wide, and traveled 2.8 miles toward Torrey Rd. There was significant damage to homes and trees, especially along Thompson Road. Maximum winds were 115 mph, and it was rated an EF2.

The final tornado began at 9:54 p.m. near Vassar Rd and Pointe North Dr near Grand Blanc in Genesee County. It traveled 4.6 miles toward the intersection of State and Perry roads. The maximum path width was 300 yards, and maximum winds reached 130 mph. This EF2 tornado brought the most significant damage to areas near Hegel and Gale roads.  It destroyed a garage, and nearly destroyed a house.

Mid-Michigan is seeing much quieter weather on Wednesday. However, we still have a few scattered showers and storms in the forecast throughout the day. Unlike last night, these are not expected to be severe.

Another big difference between yesterday and today is the heat. Clouds and rain yesterday kept temperatures relatively cool until later in the day. Today, we have been in the upper 70s and low 80s. Along with the heat, it is uncomfortably muggy out.

The hot temperatures, along with the showers and thunderstorms will remain in the forecast over the next several days. The first Warn 5 weather team will be keeping an eye on any potential for severe weather as well.

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