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Clarksville city councilman files warrant against another councilman


A heated argument may have started in the City Council chambers, but it ended with police involvement.

Clarksville City Councilman David Allen has taken out a warrant for simple assault and condition of release against fellow councilman and Mayor Pro Tem James Lewis.

"It's not to keep him from coming to council meetings or keep him from doing his job," said Allen. "My thing is to hold him accountable for his actions. It's similar to a restraining order. He's not supposed to make contact with me directly or indirectly and so forth."

The problems started Thursday as a City Council meeting wore into the late hours of the night. Allen brought up an amendment to raise salaries of part-time Parks and Recreation workers when there was this exchange transcribed from a City Council recording:

"If this amendment goes into the budget by adding $9,000, almost $10,000, you're saying you're going to support the general government budget?" Lewis asked Allen.

"Well, Mr. Lewis, I know you are no matter what's in it," Allen replied.

In the midst of a heated exchange, Lewis is heard saying, "I'll see you outside. I'll see you outside."

According to police, as Allen was leaving the building, Lewis was on the sidewalk waiting for him. Police stepped between the two men, trying to calm the situation.

"He was launching forward towards me saying, 'I'll make you shut your mouth,'" said Allen. "He says, 'They won't always be there to protect you. I'll get you. I'll get you. I know where to find you. I'll get you.'"

Speaking out of town to Channel 4 by phone, Lewis declined comment, saying he needs time to discuss the case with his lawyer. He did claim some of Allen's accusations are false but did not elaborate.

A supplement to the police report by Sgt. Charles Gill adds, "Neither man was in immediate threat of physical violence, so there was no probable cause for an assault arrest. Also, I felt there was no probable cause for a harassment arrest, because to my knowledge, this was the first exchange between the two outside of the council meetings."

"The main thing is we'll have to go to court," said Allen. "He'll have to explain the situation to the judge."

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