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TN cities consider prescription-only pseudoephedrine sales

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The war on meth is taking a new turn in Tennessee, and this time it's not on Capitol Hill but inside city halls.

Earlier this year, the state legislature voted on a bill that would make pseudoephedrine available only by prescription across the state.

However, some cited health and inconvenience concerns, so lawmakers tabled the measure.

Now, the police chief of Winchester is taking matters into his own hands with a regional campaign to make pseudoephedrine prescription-only with city ordinances.

Huntland has already passed it, and Winchester and Cowan were set to vote on it Tuesday night.

The police chief said, soon, every city in Franklin County will have the law on the books, and he hopes the trend spreads across the state.

"Hopefully, with God willing, the rest of the state will follow. I challenge every mayor, every city council member, every chief of police and every sheriff in every city in the state to do what our city leaders here did. And from the way my phone is ringing, it sounds like it's happening," said Winchester police Chief Dennis Young.

City leaders in Manchester are also drafting a pseudoephedrine prescription ordinance.

So far, every time the issue has been brought up for a reading in Franklin County, the ordinance has passed unanimously.

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