SCS announces payroll solution

(WMC-TV) - Shelby County Schools announced a workable solution to address the concerns created by the need to harmonize payroll systems with Memphis City Schools.

The merger of the two school systems called for the district to choose one payroll plan. This created alarm last week because at least 3,000 teachers could have missed two weeks worth of pay at the beginning of the year.

The new solution is designed to mitigate potential hardships on employees.

Shelby County Schools Interim Superintendent Dorsey Hopson released the following statement:

"Effective July 1, legacy SCS teachers and legacy SCS 10-month salaried employees will be paid over 27 pay periods instead of 26 pay periods. No pay periods will be missed, and the first paycheck issued to these legacy SCS employees by the unified district will be August 2. At the conclusion of 2013-14 fiscal year, all employees' pay schedules will be harmonized. At that time, all employees will be placed on a 26 pay period schedule."

The remedy is only available to, and necessary for, legacy SCS teachers and legacy SCS 10-month salaried employees. According to Hopson, these are the only employees who would have missed an entire paycheck due to the harmonization process.

The original payroll adjustment option communicated last week to teachers and 10-month salaried employees is no longer available.

The district said a set of payroll harmonization FAQs will be provided to all employees later in the week for further clarification.

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