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Trash bill for residents to go down

(WMC-TV) - The trash bill is about to go down by $2.80. But public works said that will cost them about $9 million, and that they will have to make that up somewhere else.

Public works suggested scaling trash collection back, not garbage but trash collection, to once per quarter.

That idea raised a stink.

So now the city proposes a different measure: a volume based, pay as you throw program. Meaning the city crews would not collect anything that is not tagged or bagged with the properly purchased markings.

"Those that don't use a whole lot won't pay a whole lot. Those that require a whole lot obviously will end up paying a little but more," said Dwan Gilliam, City of Memphis Public Works Department.

This is just a proposal right now, but the city council committee asked public works to come back with a more developed plan within 45 days.

The council put a solid waste price reduction in place when it raised the rate back in 2009.

A hotly contested budget season is scheduled to come to a close Tuesday night. A big crowd is expected to voice opposition, and some form of budget is expected to pass in some form or fashion.

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