Budding filmmaker shows the mid-south the world through fresh eyes

Central high school student Jennifer Sadler set out to tell one young man's story in her five minute documentary, "From the Streets to the Stage: The Tale of A Troubled Young Man." She chose eighteen year-old Calvin Baines. A young man who'd made some bad choices. "I did a lot of things I wasn't supposed to be doing. Hanging out with my homies. They was a bunch of gang bangers." However, Jennifer knew from a drama class she had taken that performing arts had the ability to profoundly change a person. That's what happened to Calvin. "I can't hear you. You're breaking up; you're breaking up." He got involved in drama. He graduated successfully. Now his only acting out is on the stage. Jennifer says telling his story opened her eyes. "I learned that it's not all just about schoolwork. Trying to fit in; it's also about when you try to open up, and when you try to have meaning in your life," said filmmaker Jennifer Sadler. She hopes to continue searching for the meaningful things in life. And to bring them to us through her work on film. Jennifer says she is interested in filmmaking as a career. She says nothing compares with the pride of seeing your work on screen.

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