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Your Week in Viral Videos: Thinking hard means you're doing it wrong

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(RNN) - In case you missed it, Prancercise is the new (well, actually old and recently discovered) exercise sensation that has done more to disturb people than get them in shape.

We won't waste time with a full description, but just know that John Mayer is a fan.

He was fortunate enough (lucky guy!) to nab Prancercise creator Joanna Rohrback for a guest appearance in the YouTube video for his new single Paper Doll.

Your life story… told with jelly beans

Yes, you read that correctly. Of all the things to put your life into perspective, who thought it would be semi-hard, bean-shaped candy?

It's ironic a product that reeks of childhood can remind people how far they're actually removed from that simple time.

Now that we're done waxing poetic, just watch the video.

Parkinson's patient wins the internet

Parkinson's disease has gotten more notable faces in the last decade, but none quite like Andrew Johnson.

Johnson showed the world his body before and after deep brain stimulation (DBS), a treatment to improve motor function of people with the disease.

People should decide for themselves what treatment route to take, but Johnson's brief experience is a heart-melting thing to watch.

True friends

The best possible gift for a roommate returning from an extended trip is, drumroll… remodeling his room to look like 7-year-old girl sleeps there.

Oh yeah, that happened; and remarkably no one got assaulted - that we know of.

There must be a truly deep level of comfort to pull this off, otherwise it goes from funny to front-page news.

Future Olympians?

Dick Fosbury forever changed the high jump in 1968 when he "flopped" over the bar to win a gold medal, instead of using the straddle method.

Well, there are a couple of kids in Kenya who would call Ol' Richard a chump because made their leaps heels-first.

Judging by the height of the men next to the bar, they cleared a height of 6' and change, so it's scary to think what they could do with a few more years of training and development.


Dog: "This toy stinks!"

Walk through rain without getting wet

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