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MY TURN: Inspections stations to close permanently

(WMC-TV) - Let the celebration begin. The City of Memphis is shutting down its vehicle emissions testing program for good. This will undoubtedly leave many of you cheering, but you can bet the celebration will not last for long.

This is yet another case of our elected leaders simply kicking the can down the road. Nobody wants to make a difficult decision, and so citizens lurch along with one inefficient result after another. We've seen this as it applies to public schools in Shelby County. We've seen it in the various government budget discussions, and now we're mothballing the vehicle inspection stations including one that opened less than three years ago at a cost of more than $3 million.

If this was truly going to be the end of the vehicle inspection process in our region that would be one thing, but in all likelihood, it will not be. This will simply be one more inefficient transition that we are forced to go through because our elected leaders don't care as much about the people who voted for them as they should.

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