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Fireworks mapped out in your neighborhood

(WMC-TV) – Did you know that a sparkler burns as hot as two thousand degrees, the same as a blow torch?

Last year, professional, homemade or banned fireworks killed at least six people in the U.S. and injured thousands more.  At least 8,700 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries last and 60 percent were within 30 days of the Fourth of July.

"I'm just taking a video and all of the sudden, poof," said Daniel Lewis, who was injured by fireworks.

Daniel Lewis and his family were hit by shrapnel when an illegal firework exploded.

"We were just watching and suddenly there was an explosion, and I felt that I got hit," Angel Lewis said. "I'm still shaken up.  The fact that I was holding my daughter."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released video demonstrations to show how quickly something can go wrong.

One test showed what can happen if a bottle rocket is fired in the direction of another person.

Another video showed the power of an M-80, of cherry bomb, exploding in your hand.

It is illegal to ignite fireworks anywhere in Shelby County without a permit. That includes all municipalities.  But it's not illegal to purchase or possess fireworks in Shelby County.

Fireworks are for sale in Crittenden County, Arkansas, and DeSoto County, Mississippi.

You can shoot them in Horn Lake and unincorporated DeSoto County, but not in Southaven, Olive Branch, or Hernando.

Remember, the CPSC warns even sparklers can be extremely dangerous, though they are frequently considered safe for children.

"Our message is simple. Don't make them. Don't buy them. Don't go near them," Inez Tenenbaum, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman said.

If fireworks are banned where you live, but you see people shooting them, report them. Unless lives or homes are in danger, call your city's police non-emergency line.  In Memphis, that number is (901) 545-COPS.

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