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Councilman proposes 'Do Not Respond' list for repeat false security alarm offenders

(WMC-TV) - Memphis taxpayers spend $3 million each year on false home alarm calls. The city council is voting on whether to start a Do Not Respond list for the worst offenders.

According to police, out of 97,000 annual home alarm calls, only 900 are real emergencies. Councilman Kemp Conrad hopes his plan will give people incentive to stop wasting city resources.

Taxpayers have mixed reaction, but Conrad says the city needs a solution, fast. His ordinance would put people on a Do Not Respond list after their seventh false alarm. That would also trigger a $90 fine for every hour of manpower.

"They're given multiple chances to get it fixed, there are alarm classes to show them how to use it," he explained.

Some citizens say the no response rule would give criminals the upper-hand.

"They already know how to get in your house," said Lula Jackson-Clark, who lives in Memphis.

Others say it is safer to use the money elsewhere.

"I think it would be spent much better putting more cops on the streets or putting more substations in neighborhoods," said Jason Whitworth.

Still, others say there is a middle path.

"Maybe take something educational so they'd do it less frequently," said Cher Doirin.

Conrad's compromise would be to take abusers off the high priority call list.

"If we don't want to say Do Not Respond, just put it lower on the priority cue," he said.

Conrad points out those on the Do Not Respond list could always appeal for reinstatement through the alarm office.

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