Estate planning

You've gone through the split, now it's time to make sure your money goes where you want it to go. Proper estate planning helps you keep an eye on your assets. Experts say it's dangerous to assume that after a divorce your ex's name is gone from your life for good. If you listed him or her as the beneficiary on assets, like life insurance or company insurance, those are papers you need to double-check. Estate planning attorney Cynthia Tobin says people are often surprised after a major split because they didn't change their beneficiary. Cynthia Tobin, estate planning attorney said, "In the event of divorce, you've got to change those beneficiary designations because if you do not, the insurance company or the retirement company, whoever's holding the account, is going to look at the last beneficiary designation." Tobin says a person's life insurance will not follow a person's will. She recommends changing all of your important documents at the same time, so it's done, and you know your money is taken care of. Tobin also warns, jointly owned accounts won't pass according to your will. She says that's something else you need to be aware of.