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Fayette Co. school board discusses teacher cuts

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(WMC-TV) - Parents who attended the meeting of the Fayette County school board Tuesday night say board members deliberated for more than three hours about whether to cut teachers from the school system.

Over the next month, Fayette County school board members will have to make some tough decisions.

"We understand they have to make cuts but I just wish they'd take a second look and cut classes with less enrollment," said concerned parent Tracy Wade.

During the meeting, board members discussed cutting five teaching positions at Fayette Ware High School, including two drivers education teachers, a criminal justice teacher, and a business technology teacher.

Board members decided not to make any decisions about firing teachers until more discussions could take place.

"It's very frustrating being a mother and just going to the meetings and seeing how board members behave...not really listening to the concerns of the parents or the community," Wade said.

Superintendent James Teague says the Fayette County commission added over $160,000 into the school system's budget, leaving them in the black for this year.

Next year, he says, will be a different story.

That is why Tracy Wade attends every school board meeting and wants other parents to do the same.

"Come to the board meetings, come to the committee meetings and get involved and just hear first hand," said Wade.

Mismanagement of school board monies was highlighted in a recent pork report in Tennessee, revealing an over $300,000 school system deficit.

Fayette County school board members will convene in a special meeting July 15 to further discussions about what teachers to lay off and how to balance next year's budget.

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