TN leaders re-examine booming businesses

TN leaders re-examine booming businesses
(WMC-TV) - Tennessee leaders are taking a second look at laws forbidding fireworks from being sold in Shelby County.

Currently, Fireworks City at I-40 and Canada Road is the only place to legally buy fireworks in the entire county.

Fireworks City can sell to the public because it was opened before the laws changed.

"A lot of people want fireworks and it sucks you have to drive so far to get fireworks," said Cordova resident Joshua Wallace.

Rep. Antonio Parkinson has been working with Melissa Bast and others to legalize the sale of fireworks in Shelby County.

"We don't feel there should be a monopoly. If one person is able to sell fireworks in Shelby County, then others should be able to as well," he said.

Bast said she would like to provide a lot of seasonal jobs for teachers, students, and others looking to supplement their income.

"A lot of times we here in Shelby County miss opportunities at generating revenue and we're putting that on the backs of taxpayers and that's unfair," said Parkinson.

Action News 5 will continue to follow this debate as it happens. 

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