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Abandoned house upsets neighborhood

(WMC-TV)  Mid-South viewers in the Berclair Road neighborhood are fed up with an abandoned home.

Neighbor Ninh Duond lives directly next door and he is fed up.

"Neighbors say vagrants used to break into the house and stay there. So they started to park their cars in the driveway as a deceptive tactic to try to keep the vagrants away" said Duond.

Shama Ahmad moved to Berclair from Germantown three years ago, and her only complaint is directed at the house three doors down. 

"Terrible look like. And it makes neighborhood bad neighborhood and make like junky neighborhood," she said.

The house has had the roof collapse. The grass is overgrown. The backyard is filled with vermin. 

The listed owner is a Korean War vet who died back in 1991. Neighbors say no one has been living there for years.

According to the Shelby County Trustees Office, the house is scheduled for auction at a September tax sale. The property owes $11,652.72 in delinquent taxes, a debt racked up since 2005.

Action News 5 is following up on the story and will have an update Friday.

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