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Memphis man behind bars after explosives found in car

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man is behind bars after investigators found bomb-making materials inside his vehicle.

According to officers, it all began when a man cocked his gun and entered the Cordova Kwik Shop.

"That's scary. Just thinking about it. This is a nice corner we're on here," stated patron Caleb Posey.

Another regular customer, Leah Essary, stated, "I'm very shocked at how this could happen."

After the suspect left, a fast-acting clerk told investigators she locked him out; but, then he returned, waving the gun, and demanding re-entry.When officers arrived, they found Justin Leasure matching the description of the intruder with blood-shot eyes, slurring and stumbling in the parking lot, and with an unloaded .40 caliber Smith and Wesson in his waistband.

When questioned why he would like to return inside, Leasure told investigators he left his watch in the bathroom.

Investigators learned Leasure did not have a valid gun permit and, upon checking his vehicle, they found an assortment of bomb-making materials.

Crime Scene Unit techs secured the explosive materials which include gun powder, fireworks, scissors, tape, open bottles of anti-freeze, open and closed shotgun shells and "two plastic pipes with end cases that, if enclosed, could make an explosive device."

Leasure is due in court Monday morning and has been charged with Possession of Explosive Components, Possession of a Handgun While Under the Influence, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, and Public Intoxication.

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