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Family fights for trash can

(WMC-TV) - A Cordova family, fed up with not having a trash can, called the Action News 5 Investigators after paying for a service weeks ago that was not reportedly not provided. Just a few hours after Action News 5's Lindsey Brown began working on the story, the family's problem was solved.

The O'Leary family said they paid Republic Services three weeks ago to pick up their trash and provide them with a garbage cart. After several calls, and several weeks, Theresa O'Leary said they were still without a garbage bin.

"For the life of me, they cannot deliver a can to our house," she said. "We have tried and tried."

When they call, Theresa O'Leary says she is told the company is simply too busy, even though she says they drive through her neighborhood once a week to service other customers.

The O'Leary family says they were told to put the trash on the side of the road in bags, but they say they cannot do that because their house is surrounded by woods. Wild animals would get in the bags and trash would end up everywhere.

To prevent the deer and raccoons from sorting through her garbage, Theresa has been loading up her car with garbage, and driving it to their business to be picked up.

Still, Theresa says the latest insult was customer service.

"The final point was Friday," she said. "My husband called and the lady said, 'Call somebody else. We are too busy right now to deliver your can.'"

When she called Action News 5, Theresa said she hoped this was simply a case of miscommunication and she just wanted Republic Services to follow through on its end of the deal.

Action News 5's Lindsey Brown reached out to Republic Services to ask about the O'Leary family's situation. They did not return the request for comment, but Theresa called Action News 5 back to report that a garbage can was delivered to her house since interviewing with us Monday morning.

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