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Apartment residents complain of sewage problems

(WMC-TV) - Residents living in a Memphis apartment complex are facing major sewage issues. Some people say they would move out, but circumstance will not allow it or they cannot break their lease.

Katrick Jones invited Action News 5 to see his apartment at the South Pointe townhomes on Shelby Drive. He moved in three weeks ago.

"They expect for us to buy our own sheet rock and fix our own roofing," he said.

The upstairs bathtub leaks constantly, dripping into the kitchen below and tearing a hole in the ceiling. About a dozen other residents also called Action News 5 with similar complaints that they say the apartment complex will not address.

"I stay down here in 1525 and sewage has been around my apartment for three weeks," said Lanae Young.

Young says the sewer line outside her apartment and several others along her walkway have been regurgitating raw sewage for weeks. She even took photos of the problem.

"It just smell like a sewage, like, dump around here," she said. "I have three small children. I have to stay at other people's houses because I can't stay here with my kids because I'll get sick."

The South Pointe manager called police to have Action News 5's Nick Kenney removed from the property that residents initially invited him to check out.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the manager claims the leaky pipes have been fixed and the sewage just became an issue Monday. She says the only people complaining are those scheduled to be evicted for not paying rent.

"She's threatened to put me out this month because I haven't paid the rent. I'm not gonna pay it because I have sewage in my front yard and y'all telling me y'all fixing it but you're not," said Young.

As the disagreement continues to unfold, the Shelby County Health Department says it is investigating a leaky pipes case, but has not gotten any calls about sewage yet.

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