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Dumpster dive could lead to crooks who stole police guns

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(WMC-TV) - A dumpster dive could help find crooks who swiped two handguns from an off-duty Memphis Police officer's truck.

Thieves stole guns and several other items from the truck in the parking lot of Sekisui Pacific Rim on Poplar Avenue. The officer's gym bag turned up inside a dumpster Saturday at Summer Avenue and Highland Street.

A duty weapon, personal handgun, and ammunition remain missing. Although, a police radio and other items were dug out of a dumpster.

Tony "Bones" Malone of Memphis is a mechanic, not a detective. But he immediately knew the stuff he found inside this dumpster Saturday belonged to a police officer.

"Called the crime scene unit, they came and took photographs and everything, the FBI came," said Malone.

The parking lot of Rightire, where he works, filled up with police cars Saturday. The dumpster is located near the opposite corner of Summer Avenue and Highland Street.

Malone said a homeless man, with whom he shared a sausage biscuit, told him about the black Nike bag inside the dumpster.

"It all started from a biscuit, and rolled uphill and downhill from there ... pretty different," said Malone.

At the time, Malone did not know an off-duty officer's uniform, badge, guns, ammo, and other items were swiped from his truck the night before in a parking lot outside Sekisui Pacific Rim.

Police said the cop saw the crooks committing the crime, but he was unable to stop them.

"Obviously, we know what they're going to use the stuff for ... To probably go out and do harm to other people," said Malone hoping the crooks are caught.

The suspects were last seen in a white Nissan Maxima with a Tennessee tag.

According to MPD's policy regarding weapon storage, officers should take all necessary steps to prevent the loss or theft of firearms.

Police say Friday's incident is still being reviewed.

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