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MBI investigates fight between two law enforcement officers

(WMC-TV) - The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into an early morning domestic altercation between two law enforcement officers Thursday.

The incident occurred in Como, Mississippi, but did not involve officers on the town's force.

Como police responded before handing the investigation over to MBI.

Como Assistant Chief Faye Pettis says her responding officer believes a weapon was used in the scuffle because there was hair on the gun.

"Two people was covered in blood," said Pettis. "It looked like one of them had been assaulted with a weapon because hair was all on the weapon."

Pettis has not even been Como's assistant police chief for a full 48 hours, and she is already busy.

Both Panola County Deputy Emily Griffin and Jasper County Deputy Barry Gregg are on leave at their respective departments while the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation handles the case. The dispute was so loud that it woke up Frances May's husband on the normally quiet street.

"He got up, looked outside and saw police cars and an ambulance," said May.

Pettis said both deputies were injured with cuts and scrapes, but only Griffin went to the hospital where she was later released.

The first Como officer on scene told Pettis he talked to Gregg about the scuffle.

"He said when he got ready to leave that's when she came outside with a revolver and told him to get on the ground," said Pettis.

According to an investigator the information will go to the district attorney's office to determine if the case will go before a grand jury for possible charges.

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