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Cooler today, chemical fire update, open carry law update, Zimmerman trial update, Shelby Co. school transfer update

Good morning and welcome to Action News 5 on a fantastic Friday! It's feeling comfortable's in the 70s right now...expecting highs in the Ron Childers has details on the day ahead and this weekend on WMC-TV5.

A huge fire at a plant in North Memphis.

2 of 3 firefighters injured in the blaze have been released from the Hospital. The fire happened at the Pollution Control industries at 5485 Victory lane near Millington.

2 workers were burned in the fire and remain hospitalized.

Today could end the battle over the controversial open carry law in the State of Mississippi. The latest in a live report on WMC-TV5.

All eyes turning toward defense attorneys in the trial of George Zimmerman this morning..As they prepare to give their closing argument.

Shelby County students go back to school in less than a month...

And right now many of them still don't know which school they'll be attending. Parents contacted us with questions about delays in their transfer requests...We are live with answers on WMC-TV5.

On Tuesday people in Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, and Millington will vote Yes or No when it comes to creating a municipal school system.

The FBI is warning police officers all over Tennessee about growing and dangerous movement: Sovereign Citizens...and we have seen them here in the Mid-South with deadly consequences. The latest warning on WMC-TV5.

Join us for a great Friday morning on WMC-TV5.

Andrew Douglas


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