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Officer facing charges in lawsuit with Memphis Police Department

(WMC-TV) - Yet another twist in the Memphis police officer facing charges of soliciting a minor.

It turns out officer Jason Webb is suing the Memphis Police Department for $1 million. According to the MPD, this is the reason Webb is on non-enforcement status.

The circumstances of the arrest are unclear; however, officials say it happened outside city limits. However, this is not the first time Webb has seen the back of a police car.

Action News 5 has obtained court documents showing Webb, who was a member of the felony response unit, took a personal day in January 2012. Shortly after midnight, Webb was driving to a friend's house, when he almost hit a tow truck from behind. According to these documents, a man in the truck got out of the car with a gun in his hand, started yelling, and followed Webb when he drove off.

Police were called and Webb was subjected to a drunk driving test. Webb failed the test and DUI charges were not filed.

As for Webb's current charge, he is out on bond tonight.

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