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Memphis landlord helps tenant gets back on his feet

(WMC-TV) - Complaining about landlords seems to be more prevalent than praising them. But Action News 5 is throwing out a HIGH FIVE to a landlord who helped his tenant in his time of need, rather than evicting him.

Randall Sowell has rented a home from Bill Brown for the last eight years. But when Sowell injured his ankle last July and lost his job, he thought he would eventually be evicted.

"The man had ... he could have evicted me five months ago," said Sowell.

But Sowell says Brown did not evict him. Instead, he started allowing Sowell to do odd jobs for him until he could get back on his feet.

"He helped me out a lot," Sowell said through tears. "I'm not use to this, I'm not used to having to stick my hand out for help..."

And that is why Sowell contacted Action News 5 to say that there are good landlords around Memphis -- and he wanted to publicly give his landlord credit for being one of the good ones.

Sowell says it has been eight months since he has been able to pay his rent. He is grateful his landlord has been so patient with him.

Sowell is hoping that surgery can repair his ankle so that he can get back to work and begin paying rent again. Meanwhile, he is telling everyone who will listen how great his landlord has been to him.

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