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Rep. Cohen wants justice for Trayvon Martin

(WMC-TV) - As soon as the jury announced that George Zimmerman was not guilty, many who feel justice has not been served in the death of Travyon Martin began calling for federal action. Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen is one of those people.

"He always seemed to be searching African-Americans he found suspicious," said Rep. Cohen. "This was racial profiling."

The U.S. Department of Justice began investigating the Trayvon Martin case less than one month after the February 26 shooting.

In April 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder said there would be a high bar to make it a federal case, saying the highest standard of the hate crime law would have to be proven.

The department's latest statement came Sunday, the day after the verdict. It acknowledged the ongoing investigation and said the evidence and testimony from the state trial is being evaluated.

Congressman Cohen says there is precedent for this kind of case, in fact, he says you just have to look back a couple of years into Memphis history.

"When code enforcement officer Mickey Wright was murdered and the action wasn't enough for the public and family to feel like justice had been done," said Rep. Cohen.

Protestors and activists are pushing the point further with events planned in the days ahead.

"There will be demonstrations in front of federal buildings led by ministers, pressing the federal government to protect our right," said activist Al Sharpton.

George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara is expressing confidence that his client would be able to fend off possible civil action by Trayvon Martin's family by seeking immunity. The family has not yet said if they will file a civil suit, but many are anticipating it as the next move.

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