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Mosquito spray schedule explained

(WMC-TV) - As West Nile virus cases continue to pop up across Memphis and Shelby County, questions are being asked about why some areas are getting more mosquito control than others.

Bill Conkel is fed up with mosquitoes feeding on him and his wife.

"You get them buzzing and you're swatting yourself, knowing that you're going to get bit," he said. "We've screened in our porch there so that we could sit outside and not get carried away with mosquitoes."

Conkel's family lives in the 38135 zip code of Shelby County.

According to numbers from the health department, almost every zip code in the county has mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus.

Conkel's zip code has been sprayed five times in the last month, but others like 38017 in Collierville show only one spraying.

Entomologist Ture Carlson says his workers break out the zip codes into smaller sections and that every part of Shelby County has been sprayed once, and all but one quarter received a second spraying.

"It's such a large zip code that we can't spray it all in one night, so we have to break it down it up over multiple nights to be able to do it," explained Carlson.

Priorities are based on a sample number of the infected insects.

Conkel is glad they have been spraying lately, but he still wishes there were less mosquitoes.

"I have to wear Off! or some other type of insect repellent if I'm going to go out and spend any time because they're all over me," he said.

Carlson says there were 15 people infected with West Nile virus last year, but none so far this year. The county actually posts a spray schedule online, click here for the schedule:

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