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Training provided to get people hired for variety of TN companies

(WMC-TV) - More than 6,000 people in the state of Tennessee are being trained to meet the needs of a variety of employers. About 20 percent are being trained in Fayette County and Shelby County. If you want to get in on this training, there are still opportunities for you to learn.

"If you are out of work, you are not alone," said Naomi Earp, who is the executive director at Workforce Investment Network, better known as WIN. WIN is an agency helping people without jobs get specific training so a company will hire them.

"The need to have not only technical skills but also the thought skills associated with being an employee," said Earp.

From 2012 to 2013, the Tennessee Department of Labor says more than 6,000 Tennesseans were trained to meet the skills needed for employers. Thirteen-hundred or about 20 percent of those people lived in Fayette and Shelby County

Some of the companies involved in the training include Electrolux, City Brewing, Nike, and KTG. These companies inform WIN what kind of trained worker they need and then oftentimes help with that training.

"The work Electrolux started a little more than a year ago, the training is called industrial readiness training," said Earp. "It's actually done by Southwest Community College."

And there are more skilled workers needed right now, like welders, for example.

"One of the job categories that interestingly enough have not been able to train quickly for is welding," she continued. "It's not a complicated career but it is fairly sophisticated."

You can apply for the training at the MATA bus terminal, located at 444 North Main Street.

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