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Storm clean up, billboard change, more Cohen reaction, more airport restaurants close, Live Free Contest continues

Good morning and welcome to Action News 5 on a foggy Friday! Take it easy on that morning commute...lots of fog out there...Ron Childers is tracking the fog conditions and the forecast for the rest of the weekend while Janeen Gordon is watching the roadways. Details all morning long on WMC-TV5.

Remember those billboards in Memphis that said "Danger enter at your own risk? This city does not support public safety." The Memphis Police Association put those up and now after getting pay raises they are putting up a different kind of billboard. We'll explain more on WMC-TV5.

The audit of Melrose high school revealed 11 cases of possible fraud or theft. Now questions surround the school administration.Details this morning..

The heat and humidity isn't only affecting people, but also cows, who are producing less milk.

That could hit you in the pocketbook and the fridge.Details this AM.

The storms yesterday caused power outages and flooding...we'll recap what happened and give you an update on the outages on WMC-TV5.

More reaction from Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen about his long lost daughter...who is not really his daughter at all after a DNA test revealed no connection. Hear from him this morning.

Cuts at the Memphis International Airport have forced several restaurants in the terminal to close its doors...

Also a push for cold beer to be sold in Oxford, MS...

Don't forget about our live free contest. Win great prizes and qualify for our grand prize..the rest of the year we'll pay your rent or mortgage. That's 5 months PAID! You have to watch Action News 5 at 6am and wait for the cue!


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