Group rallies for Trayvon Martin and to end violence in Memphis

(WMC-TV) - The president is not the only person talking about Trayvon Martin. His death and the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial is sparking discussion everywhere, including Memphis.

Tucked away alongside Madison Avenue, at Brinson's, a community is gathering to vent its frustrations over the outcome of the trial.

"I want people to know there are people in Memphis who care," said rally organizer Kevin Locke.

"Lots of people feel that the judicial system failed them in a sense," added Byron Brinson.

The group is brainstorming possible solutions.

"Some people out here getting shot and killed for no reason, over stupid stuff," said Shantirria Simmons, who attended the rally.

"Put the guns away and just act friendly and do what they do, what they think is the right thing then it would change," added Alexis Tatum, who also attended the rally.

Change. That is the goal rally organizers are working toward. To figure out a way to make Memphis safer.

"At the end of the day, that's all we need," said organizer Darius Clayton. "If five of us stand up and say, 'We wanna change, we gonna make it.' But it's more than just saying it. We gotta build the efforts."

Clayton continued, "What are you doing Mr. Box Stacker at FedEx? What are you doing drive-thru person at Kinko's? Mr. Lawyer? Miss Accountant? Miss Doctor? What are you doing to make a change for the children? If it's nothing, it's time for that to stop and let's do it together."

The rally at Brinson's on Madison Avenue will be going on until midnight Friday.

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