City says residents can help with flash flooding problem

(WMC-TV) - Some major Memphis intersections were under water Thursday, forcing firefighters to rescue stranded drivers from their cars as a result of a sudden downpour. The waist-deep waters finally receded hours later.

Many people are blaming clogged storm drains for the city's flash flooding. So what is the City of Memphis doing to remedy the problem? Action is being taken, but the city says people share the responsibility.

The public works department routinely inspects and cleans outs storm drains across. In fact, it's a never ending process.

Officials admit, drains get clogged. But even when completely cleared, a significant amount of rainfall in a brief period of time is difficult for many drains to handle.

One major culprit for clogged drains is the trash people throw onto streets and right-of-ways.

"You have natural issues like leaves falling, but trash, blowing grass clippings into the street, and litter issues are problematic because they can easily cause clogging problems," said Deputy Public Works Director Robert Knecht.

The city encourages anyone with flooding issues to call 311 and the public works department will try to address those areas as soon as possible.

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