Trayvon Martin rally leaves some wishing for peace

(WMC-TV) - Across the country and here in Memphis, people are rallying in hopes of getting justice for Trayvon Martin.

One speaker stated, " we will take off our hoodies and stand for justice."

Almost every emotion from pleading to hope could be seen at the Memphis Trayvon Martin rally. The goal of the rally? To push the US Department of Justice to pursue federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.

Mayor A C Wharton declared, "as we stand here at the Civil Rights museum... the little black boys that Dr. King spoke about (well) one of those black boys was Trayvon Martin."

Pastor Kelvin Lake of the Rhema Life Church declared, "we have to deal with reality. I understand we are here for Trayvon but we have to deal with the issues facing Memphis."

One of those issues is the fact that much of the violent crime in Memphis is not committed by strangers like George Zimmerman or by racial profiling.

"Most of those murders were committed by people who know each other; so, we are arguing about things that don't matter" continued Lake.

One 14 year-old's wish? For everything to "just mellow out and (that) this could bring us together."

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