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Tracking storms in the Mid-South, remembering 'Hurricane Elvis,' questioning stand your ground laws, health dept offering immunization shots

Good morning and welcome to Action News 5 on a warm and muggy Monday morning. We are expecting some rain today and some steamy temperatures as well. Highs in the low 90s. Ron is tracking showers and tells you what to expect all morning long on WMC-TV5.

10 years ago a massive storm hit the Mid-South...A storm that devastated neighborhoods and forever changed the way people in the Mid-South would see summer storms. Join us this morning at 6am. I will give you a look back at what's been called Hurricane Elvis 10 years after the brutal storm.

What is going on in Cleveland, Ohio...a possible serial killer has been's the latest black eye for a city that has been in the spotlight with unusual violent and sexual crimes...details on the latest investigation on WMC-TV5.

Will and Kate may have a little one delivered today...Kate has been admitted to the hospital this morning..We'll have the latest on baby watch on WMC-TV5.

Stand your ground laws are under attack across the country including here in the Mid-South. Should they be repealed in light of the George Zimmerman verdict? We'll explain the issue on WMC-TV5.

The Shelby county health department is offering an immunizations clinic to help you make sure all your child's shots are up to date before school starts.

We continue to give away prizes every morning on Action News 5 at 6am with our live free contest. We're also signing people up to win our grand prize...your rent or mortgage paid for the rest of 2013!! All you have to do is watch Action News 5 at 6am wait for the cue to call and you could win!! Join us today to be another winner!

Join us on WMC-TV5!! We're get you ready for the day and week ahead!

Andrew Douglas


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