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Woman vividly remembers 'Hurricane Elvis' 10 years later

(WMC-TV) - Ten years ago, some of the worst damage from "Hurricane Elvis" was along Linden Avenue in Midtown Memphis.  Linden was nicknamed "Disaster Street" because a large portion was impassible due to trees blocking the roadway. 

It was an unnerving morning for Mel Richey as she watched the rain fall.  She vividly remembers this day 10 years ago when the straight-line winds whipped through Memphis.

"I just remember hearing thunk, thunk. You could hear trees snapping," Richey recalled.

Some living along Linden Avenue were without power for two and a half weeks.

"It felt like you had just picked up your house and set it in the middle of a jungle," said Richey.

Richey's house was not damaged.  Her family escaped without injury, too.  Trees in her backyard fell against her neighbor's house.

Now, a decade later, trees are still a problem in many areas.

The north side of the street is still shaded by beautiful old trees, but along the south side of the street, it's still barren in many areas without much shade. The summer storm of 2003 ripped the trees right out of the ground.

Mel Richey says she learned her lessons from so-called "Hurricane Elvis".

"Now we have weather radios and we make sure out phones are set for emergency notifications," explained Richey.

She vows her family is safer after the storm.

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