Fire department considers 'brown outs' to save money

(WMC-TV) - The City of Memphis confirmed they are considering fire station "brown outs" to save money. The move would shut down fire stations over 24-hour increments if a department is low on staff.

Citizens are starting to arrive at Trinity CME Church on Thomas Street for a community meeting on public safety. Meanwhile, fire fighter executives are saying the department is considering brown outs.

Fire executives and union leaders confirmed how the brown outs might work.

If more than 28 people call in sick, that puts up to four companies out of service that day, as well as putting fire fighting equipment out of service.

The operation would then shift to the reassignment of firefighters on that given day, meaning fire fighters from less active stations would rotate to more active fire stations that need the manpower.

About 150 citizens are expected to show up at the meeting Monday evening.

Last time, the meeting was held at another church down the street and centered on the closure of Fire Station 6.

This time, they invited both the fire and the police directors to talk about their new concerns over police cuts as well.

The public is invited. The meeting begins at Trinity CME Church at 6 p.m.

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