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Clarksdale police investigate third murder in 10 months

(WMC-TV) - Clarksdale police are investigating the third murder in the city in the last 10 months.

Timothy Anderson, 22, was shot and killed over the weekend. Police are now trying to understand what is causing a recent spike in crime and what to do about it.

Police say one of the reasons for the increase in violence is the number of abandoned homes where gangs typically operate. They are now on a mission to start cleaning up the properties.

"A place to actually go hide, it gives them a place to stash any drugs they may be selling any guns they may be using," said Clarksdale Assistant Chief of Police Robbie Linley.

Maggie Crawford is so concerned for safety that she called the Clarksdale Police Department to escort her as she checked on a family's property.

"Things have really really changed on this street, we had preachers and teachers," said Crawford. It went from preachers and teachers to bangs and gangs.

Investigators have not been able to determine if Timothy Anderson's murder was gang related, but they know the area is a breeding ground for trouble.

New Clarksdale Mayor Bill Luckett is taking action by cleaning up dilapidated homes that have become crime hot spots, but he needs help from the community, as well as grants.

"We're cataloging all these properties that need cleanup, these abandoned houses, these crack houses, these grown up yards, these burnt out automobiles," said the mayor.

Luckett hopes neighbors will report crimes and help his police department sweep the streets to attract both new and former residents like Crawford into town.

"I live in Cleveland but if I had a choice of coming back, I wouldn't come back," she said.

So far, Clarksdale police do not have any leads into Timothy Anderson's murder investigation. If you know anything about the crime, you are asked to call their department at (662) 621-8151.

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