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Man shot for $7 now 'victimized again' to the city impound lot

(WMC-TV) - Ironically, the father of the man shot while delivering pizza is characterizing getting his son's car from the tow yard as a bigger hassle.

Alvin Levy's son has been in the hospital for almost 40 days now. After being robbed, shot,  carjacked, and in a coma son Corey Levy needs a break. Yet, upon awakening, Corey's difficulties continued when the city impound lot would not release his car.

"When my son was shot, the car was parked in the apartment complex," explained Alvin Levy.

However, after testing his son's car for finger prints, his son's car ended up at the city impound lot. To release the vehicle, $135 had to be paid.

"(I went to the impound lot and said) my son has the same last name as I do and he's in the hospital, I'm here to pick up his car. (The worker) didn't want to give it to me, he said you need a doctor to sign off on it. I said, 'which doctor he has six surgeons?' " stated Levy.

However, the person behind the counter was following protocol. Signs are posted asking for a notarized letter giving permission to the person picking up the car and a current drivers license or government issued ID.

Levy stated he is more upset about the fee than the documents.

"My son only makes $7.20 an hour. Do you know how much it cost him? It cost him 2 days work just to pick up his car after being victimized," explained Levy.

According to the ordinance, every day the car stays at the impound another $30 is added to the fee. A cost that could have added up to more than $1000. After the 30 days, the car is sold in an auction.

"My point is they need to change their procedures; so, they can stop victimizing the victim further" stated Levy.

Right now the city ordinance states fees can not be waived. The Memphis Police Department confirms they can not pick up the slack...sighting monetary issues as the cause.

The positives of this story? Car insurance should take care of the fee. Also, Corey Levy did receive his car...after a lot of hassle.

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