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Startling update on Tuesday's suicidal bank robber

(WMC-TV) - New information is being released showing Tuesday's bank robber has been pursued before for a series of bank robberies.

Back in 1991, there were a trio of bold serial bank robbers. One was known as the ""counter squatter" because of his behavior during the crimes.

"They should be armed and considered dangerous. These are the kind of individuals that need to be off the street," stated former Memphis Police Department official Fred Warner at the time of the robberies.

The "counter squatter" was later identified as Marvin Amerson who went to federal prison in 1993. Amerson was released in March of this year...just four months before his final crime.

So, what made the 51-year-old snap and commit suicide? According to retired MPD Colonel Billy Garrett, Amerson was disappointed at not getting a fresh start.

"I guess through frustration with not being able to get a job or start know, forget his past, that's what he gets back into doing" stated Garrett.

In some ways, he says he was saddened to hear how the decades old story ended.

"It's all over now. He made that decision," continued Garrett.

A young man who identified himself as Marvin Amerson's son posted this message on Instagram:

"Daddy I've been without you for 21 years and when you finally get home it's only for four months. Now you are gone forever. RIP Pops."

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