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Andy's Got Your Back on a new spin of the old foreign lottery scam

(WMC-TV) - An embarrassed victim who asked not to be identified found himself snared in a new layer of the old foreign lottery scam. 

"He was contacted and told you have won the lottery and in order to collect that prize money, you need to pay the taxes," said U.S. Postal Inspector Michael Larson.

Same old bait, same old switch and the same results:  the victim sent in his life savings, according Larson.

Except this time, the scammers behind the lottery scheme went one step further.

"When he ran out of that money, the scammers started explaining to him, 'Hey look, we have sponsors here that can help you,'" said Larson.

The scammers would tell other victims they, too, won the lottery and then direct them to send their so-called "taxes" or "fees" to the original victim.

That was just enough money to keep the original victim on the hook -- and send that money right back to the scammers.

Don't get on the hook in the first place. There are no foreign lotteries, and no legitimate lottery for which you bought a ticket will ever ask you for money up-front to collect your winnings.

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