Mid-South residents warned to examine tax bill before paying

(WMC-TV) - Mid-South residents are being warned to look closely at their property taxes before paying...this year, they are endanger of paying too much.

This 2013 year, 4,000 Memphians filed an online informal review to lower their property tax appraisal. However, when it is time to pay the property tax...some residents did not receive the reduced amount.

"On July 31, all those recommendations will be approved by the board" stated Shelby County Assessor Cheyenne Johnson.

However, the city property tax bills were mailed before the County board of equalization officially signed off on the assessment changes.

So, what will happen to the property owners who have paid too much?

"Once we send over an adjustment to the assessment (team) they then will send that adjustment back to you in the mail...a refund," explained Johnson.

However, if your mortgage company pays your property taxes, they get the refund and credit your escrow account. You do have the option of telling them to hold wait to pay the property taxes until the adjusted tax bill arrives.

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