New bus routes cause parents to worry about safely

(WMC-TV) - New regulations cause some Shelby County parents to worry about their children's safety.

In May, parents received a letter in the mail informing them bus services will no longer be provided for students within two miles of their schools. Parents state they are upset because the roads are not safe for small children and they should have been given more time.

"There (aren't any) sidewalks on parts of the road and my daughter's's very scary," explained Dexter Elementary School mother Kelly Tweedle.

Everyday Tweedle travels the road and experiences how fast people drive.

"We counted on those buses to get our children safely to and from school," continued Tweedle.

Shelby County Schools Spokesperson Christian Ross attributed the decision to large budget cuts across the district. Ross also stated Transportation Specialists have judged the walking pattern to be safe.

Maybe it's a side of the story best told through the eyes of those who'll be affected the most. The students.

" I'm just worried about if I do walk to school and back...some idiot's gonna drive up and hit me," stated student Austin Wiley.

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