MPD hosts first-ever Community Police Relations forum

(WMC-TV) - It's called CPR, but it is not the life saving technique you're used to hearing about. This CPR stands for Community Police Relations.  It is a series of forums held in an effort to build relationships between police officers and the communities they serve.

The President of the Memphis Police Association believes this outreach is an important step in creating a better relationship with Memphians.

"There are citizens that are afraid within communities. That's why they may not tell police what's actually going on in that community," stated President Michael Williams.

Organizers say relationships between officers and citizens must improve in order to create safer communities.

"The dialogue is so important; because, this is the first time that community members have gotten a opportunity to sit down next to an officer without being in trouble," explained organizer Melissa Miller Monie.

While the first forum was not well attended, police officers are hoping CPR will catch on. Additional CPR forums will be help in other communities around the city.

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