100 Mid-South teachers still in limbo as school begins soon

100 Mid-South teachers still in limbo as school begins soon

(WMC-TV) - While the new unified Shelby County school system begins August 5th, teachers go back to school tomorrow.

100 teachers are still in limbo according to the Memphis-Shelby County Education Association President Keith Williams.

"The first day of our new beginning and ... some people ... have not been placed, particularly teachers," stated Williams.

Williams' hope? Those 100 'excessed' teachers will know the first day of school whether they will be teaching. This comes in the wake of their lawsuit against the district.

"When we dropped our lawsuit initially, the superintendent told the association he could assure us that all the high-performing teachers who are tenured would be placed," declared Williams.

The teachers who already have jobs are trying to focus on the business of teaching the children who arrive one week after the teachers settle in.

Williams' dream for the school system is for teachers to unite and go above and beyond.

"Our teachers will be focused enough to make this a banner year, to do their best work, and increase achievement," said Willliams.

The excessed teachers, who do not have jobs, are reporting to the school board at 8 a.m. Monday to find out if they will have a job.

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