What does golf has to do with plastic surgery?

Grizzlies players Shane Battier, Bonzi Wells and Jason Williams were among the celebrities who hit the links to raise money for the We Will Foundation. It's a nonprofit organization founded by Memphis plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Wallace to change the lives of children born with facial deformities for children like six year old Kiara Pointer. "They'll just look at her and be like ewww, what's wrong with your baby, and it's like; what's wrong with her face? And I just look at them, and I'm like, she's fine. She's just like the rest of the children. She's normal, just like you are." Kiara was born without a lower jaw. She cannot talk. She breathes through a tracheotomy and eats through a feeding tube in her stomach. Dr. Wallace wants to use a new technique to extend her jaw and change her life. "It's hard enough for kids this day to get through. Let alone, having a significant facial deformity and they ought to have a chance. I think this is a way to give them better hope. Give them a chance." The We Will Foundation seeks to raise money to make sure any child born with facial deformities can have access to the medical treatment that will make them normal. It's a far cry from the basketball court but a cause that Jason Williams has supported from the beginning. "Anytime I can help the kids and people can come out and help me help the kids, it's a great thing" Kiara will be the first beneficiary of the We Will Foundation. Kiara's surgery is scheduled for December. However, Dr. Wallace says there are many more children in the Mid-South with serious facial deformities that could be corrected with treatment.

For more information on how you can support the We Will Foundation go to our website at wmctv.com.