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Sex predators granted bond because of communication failure

Antonio Sanchez Antonio Sanchez
Antonio Sanchez Antonio Sanchez
Antonio Sanchez Antonio Sanchez

A lack of communication in the Maricopa County court system allowed two sexual predators back on the street.

Police said Mazen Diamond and Antonio Sanchez preyed on women in Tempe. According to court paperwork, the cousins drugged and took turns raping their victims while videotaping the attacks.

The pair pleaded guilty to kidnapping and attempted sexual assault back in 2002, but before their sentencing they left town.

In June U.S. Marshals captured Sanchez in Miami and Diamond in Georgia. They were both extradited to the Valley.

Diamond and Sanchez went before two different initial appearance judges several weeks apart. In both instances all the judges saw was a document called a Form IV. The sections listing arrests and convictions were left blank and nowhere did it state the men were fugitives who spent a decade on the run.

One day after being extradited back to Arizona, Diamond was released from jail on his own reconnaissance.

A few hours later the county attorney's office issued an emergency motion to modify his release conditions. Diamond was rearrested and bond denied.

Sanchez had a similar experience a few weeks prior.

The county attorney's office confirmed that the judge did know about Sanchez's prior conviction but wasn't aware that he was a flight risk. The judge granted the fugitive a $150,000 bond. It took just a couple days for Sanchez to put up the money and get released.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office filed a motion to increase Sanchez's bond to a million cash that was denied.

Sanchez is supposed to be back in court Aug. 12. But with his passport still in hand, whether or not he'll show is anyone's guess.

A spokesperson for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said the office is still trying to get to the bottom of why those judges weren't provided with all of the information on each case.

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