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TN consumer affairs protect consumers from unfair business practices

(WMC-TV) - If a consumer is dealing with a disappointing business transaction, The Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs can help. But a lot of people do not know they will fight a consumer's battle for free.

When spending earned cash, customers want the product to live up to its price. When that doesn't happen, Tennessee's Consumer Affairs Division is a clearing house for consumer complaints.

"It could be any company anywhere in the world, and we'll step in and try to bridge the gap through mediation," said Gary Cordell, TN Division of Consumer Affairs.

Last year, Consumer Affairs returned $6.1 million in refunds to unsatisfied customers.

"That's money that goes right back into the pockets of consumers," said Cordell.

The amount shatters previous restitution records since the division was established in 1977.

"We have a very dedicated staff, and this record number is something we're very proud of," said Cordell.

When you think about filing a complaint against a business you probably think of the Better Business Bureau, and that's a great place to start. Cordell wants consumers to know the Consumer Affairs Division is also available to try to get your money back.

"We've done things for as little as 50 cents and then we've done bigger items. It could be a construction issue you know with a contractor where we've stepped in," said Cordell.

You can file a complaint, online, by phone or mail. No complaint is too small.

"But the key is to educate folks that we are a division that can help them, and we want to see more Tennesseans take advantage of this resource," said Cordell.

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