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Powerball jackpot hits $290 million

(WMC-TV) - $290 million.

Many people are dreaming of that number as Powerball mania starts to set in.

Regardless if you do not need milk, snacks, or gas – swinging by your convenience store could leave you hundreds of millions of dollars richer.

Anytime the jackpot gets this high people start lining up and going out of their way to get a ticket, or for some, lots of tickets.

To play it costs $5. Consumers pick five different numbers from 1 through 59. Then you pick a Powerball number from 1 through 35.

This is not the first time a huge jackpot has had people talking about the Powerball.

In May, the country waited to see who would take home the largest Powerball jackpot in history.

Thrown into the spotlight was 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie. Her record breaking jackpot was $590 million. She is already doing good with her prize money.

This summer she promised to help put a new $1.8 million roof on her hometown high school in East Millinocket, Maine.

Just keep in mind the odds are not in your favor. You have a 1 in 175 million chance of hearing your numbers called when they are announced Saturday night. But dreaming is free.

The next drawing will be Saturday night at 10 p.m.

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