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BAck to school what you need to know, terror threats update, best times to see a doctor, scattered showers

Good morning and welcome to a wet and rainy Back to school Monday morning..How was your weekend? I know mine ended too quickly as well...but we're ready to tackle today with our java in one hand and news scripts in the other!

First we want to tell you about the weather...scattered showers throughout the morning and day today...Temps will be lower today with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s...Tim Van Horn is tracking it all for you this AM on WMC-TV5.

The big story is it's the first day for the largest school district in Tennessee. In a matter of hours, students will pour into newly unified Shelby county schools.. for the first day of classes.. but challenges await school leaders..We're live this morning reporting on back to school on we're sharing some old photos from the staff here at WMC from their back to school days gone by. There are some pictures that go back 30 years!! Stay tuned!

We're also talking about terror threats this morning. You may have heard about the government issuing warnings this past weekend...We have an update and more insights on the warnings on WMC-TV5.

Need to see a doctor?

Might want to try to get in TODAY.

A new survey says the best day for the shortest in-office wait time On average is Monday.We'll explain more on the study including the worst day on WMC-TV5.

In order to reach wealth you have to be honest about why you are not rich. We have the top 5 reasons why you're not rich to perhaps help you change habits and so you can add more wealth in the long term. Details on WMC-TV5...

We're caffeinated, we're live and we're here to help you start your day and week!! Join us on WMC-TV5!

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