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Cracking tree causes concern among neighbors

(WMC-TV) - An old, cracking tree is causing concern among neighbors who say they are unable to get help from the city.

"It's going to fall. It's going to fall. They've been constantly falling, limbs been constantly falling off the tree," said Charles Gray.

The tree, which stands on the edge of a street, does not appear to be on private property.

Neighbors have done all of the preventative pruning they can do, but say they can only do so much.

Gray, his wife, and his sister-in-law are out of ideas.

"Real bad," he said. "Steadily creeping. We don't have homeowners insurance. We've been trying to get people out here for several years. Supposed to be getting back with, never did."

Now they just watch, without knowing where the next limb will fall.

Action News 5's Lindsey Brown reached out to the City of Memphis. Her calls were not answered Tuesday.

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