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Residents not happy with city's compromise over Fire Station 6

(WMC-TV) - A renewed battle over the proposed closure of North Memphis' Fire Station 6 drew a dozen citizens to city hall Tuesday.

Followed a series of citizen town hall meetings, the city came back with a compromise, but it fell on frustrated ears.

"Happy? Do I look like happy? No I am not," said Morris Reed, who retired from the Memphis Fire Department.

Morris Reed of North Memphis held an audience outside a Memphis City Council committee meeting Tuesday prompting the committee to reopen the meeting to allow citizen input.

"You're going to replace the most essential fire fighting equipment," he said.

The residents were not happy when Memphis Fire Director Alvin Benson told them the city decided to spare Fire Station 6 along with its 12 fire fighters, but the station will lose its water pumping capabilities.

"We'll have the ladder truck there, it will provide first aid and medical types of care," said Benson.

Residents say a fire station is pointless without a water truck.

"That was the only alternative to closing the station permanently," added Benson.

Doris Lewis called for a fiscal audit of the station and data on fire station usage at Fire Station 6 versus the other stations around the city.

"I just want to be able to evaluate what's actually going on," she said.

Director Benson said he did his best in the budget crisis, making changes at a station that would cause the least impact.

The city council will vote Tuesday as to whether Fire Station 6 should be kept open through 2014.

Action News 5's Kontji Anthony is at that meeting and will have the results of the vote as soon as it happens.

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